The EU has grown its engagement in world affairs in terms of global governance, with much implications with countries in the Asia Pacific. This research aims at deepening theoretical and policy-oriented knowledge about the EU’s visions and behaviour for global governance of various major issue areas. This research project is mainly organized through the perspective of international relations. Where relevant, other disciplines, particularly, international law, sociology, and economics will also be adopted.

The scientific publication will be in form of an edited book and/or a collection of journal articles on the research themes or related topics of the JM action, namely, the European Union in global governance, with emphasis on its relations with Macao and greater China. Information will be summarized and disseminated on the project website.

The edited book/collection of journal papers will enhance knowledge of the EU to the attention of the students and scholarly community. The participating scholars will investigate the role of the EU, in response to various issues of global governance; guide young scholars and university students to further develop their understanding about the EU’s international behaviour and contribution; encourage scholarly and policy debate on the EU’s foreign policy and its relations with partners in the Asia Pacific.